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2022 Lifestyle Planner - Ring Binder Insert Pack

£9.99 £15.00

*This Planner Insert Pack does not come with the Ring Binder. 

This insert pack is designed to fit perfectly in The Inspired Stories Ring Binder, however, it also fits most standard-size Ring Binders that are created for A5 size paper inserts (please check the details section below to check the sizing of the punched holes & the distance between them). 

The Lifestyle Planner Insert pages offer dedicated space for yearly reflection and goal-setting. Each month & week has a separate page for planning priorities so you can focus on the things that matter to you most. It also features monthly, weekly reflection, habit-tracking and personal check-in’s. Every page of this planner has been designed with an intention to help you welcome more joy and mindfulness into each day. 

  • Review 2021. Your highs and lows, lessons and challenges;
  • Create your story and vision for 2022 & set meaningful goals;
  • Break down your goals month-by-month as you go and write down real action steps; 
  • Prioritise your tasks and plan your weekly and daily to-do's to make the most of every day;
  • Track your habits and reflect on your progress;
  • Keep yourself motivated and inspired with the help of our quotes, thought-provoking questions and positive challenges.

Perfect accessory for our Ring Binder (check out our selection here). Bookmark also included.


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