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Undated Planner - One Day At A Time - Blush

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Create your own story with the “one day at a time” undated, lifestyle planner.

The Undated Planner - One Day At A Time in Blush - this  undated daily planner is designed to help you make the most of each day and prioritise your tasks. It is your everyday agenda for 16 weeks with a day-per-page layout. It allows you to set goals, track habits, set intentions, note down tasks & reflect on your experiences.

Break down your goals into actionable steps and keep track of them monthly, weekly and daily. Reflecting on your journey will help you become more aware of your progress and your habit patterns, so you can then adjust them and lead a more fulfilled and joyous life, focusing on things that truly matters to you. This planner allows you to plan in your own unique way while also providing a neat structure to keep you organised.

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Personalise your planner with your name or initials. Please note it can only be up to 5 uppercase letters, no symbols.

We created this planner with much love & attention for those who love to take notes, be organised, take consistent action as well as be in charge of their success and making the most of their time.

  • Set your goals for the next 4 months and track new habits that will help you achieve these goals step by step
  • Live each day with intention and purpose, focusing on what matters to you most
  • Reflect on and celebrate the positives in each day
  • Get excited for the weeks ahead by writing down all the things you wish to accomplish and the things you're looking forward to
  • Appreciate the wins and happy moments in your life
  • Keep your projects & to-do's on track and reflect on your progress
  • At the end of 4 months, reflect on your progress and plan ahead with determination and clarity