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Celest Pereira

Our second post from "Meet Our Inspiration" series is here (click here in case you missed our first interview with the wonderful Nadia Meli). Today, we are so excited to introduce...

Our second post from "Meet Our Inspiration" series is here (click here in case you missed our first interview with the wonderful Nadia Meli). Today, we are so excited to introduce Celest Pereira - yoga teacher and human-sunshine :) She is one of a kind. 

Why is Celest our inspiration?

Celest's passion and enthusiasm towards her work is inspiring. She's a yoga teacher who makes everyone feel like they have known her for a long time and will celebrate with you when you finally master that downward facing dog pose. Attending her class is an experience and you are sure to leave it with a big smile on your face. Celest is a wonderful, people-loving teacher and she radiates positivity and has the most genuine smile and warmest heart. It is contagious and inspiring.

Without further ado, grab a cup of tea and get to know the lovely Celest - all about life, challenges, putting yourself our there, inspiration and more.

Why yoga? How did this adventure begin?

I started yoga in dance school about 16 years ago. It was a compulsory class on the timetable. I loved it but never thought of taking it up seriously until a few years later. I was a bit lost at that time. I knew I didn't want to dance anymore but I wasn't sure what was my calling. For extra cash I worked in a fitness club and it's here that I became hooked. After leaving the gym I went to university to study Physio therapy. I decided to do my teacher training for fun after I graduated and when I came back I was so low on cash I began teaching just to make 'food money'. Seven years later it was the best thing that ever happened to me.

The best decision you've made for your business so far?

To create online classes. It was a scary step to present on camera with no experience and I still  look back and cringe at that old footage. But now a few years later I earn a passive income from those videos and I get heart warming messages from all over the world of people that love my content. Putting yourself out there, even if it's not perfect, really does pay off.

What are you most proud of in your career?

Writing my book, The Yoga Mentor. I struggled so much academically, left school at 16. So to have written a book, for me, is a huge achievement. I actually feel emotional thinking back to how difficult I found school and how far I have come since those days. If I can do it, anybody can!

It's a Monday morning, what will your day look like?

Everyday is different. Monday I wake up early and plan my class theme and sequence for the week ahead. I then head to Triyoga soho to teach my class, which I love to death. My students are exceptional we have so much fun. After class I head to gym for some cardio followed by lunch. I'll then go home and get on my laptop for admin. Sometimes I head out in the evenings for a private yoga session, but often I stay in cook or hang with friends.

Do you have a favourite social media tool to use? If so, why is this one your favourite?

I wish I was better acquainted with the tools available to make social media life easier. It's definitely a goal to up my social media game. Instagram is my favourite handle, because it's very simple and I get to stay up to date with how my friends are doing.

How does work & personal life balance look like in your life?

It's sometimes a battle to establish, but I'm so much better now than I was in the past. These days I realise that I can never be on top of my workload. There is just always more to do. So I take my Sundays off and at least 4-5 evenings a week work free.

What resources do you use to stay inspired both personally and in business?

I love TED talks! I also think Tony Robbins has a lot of practical information that makes a big difference in every area of your life. I also tend to use hypnotherapy apps to help condition my mind in a more positive way.

What's your “recharge/reflection” ritual?

I love using the Dear Diary at the end of the week. It keeps me thinking intelligently about how I spend my time. I also meditate in the mornings for around 10 minutes.

What makes you tick, what's your purpose? Any advice on finding it?

I draw so much enjoyment in working with people and seeing them progress in their movement goals. I know his because since I was a baby I was excited about dance and movement more than anything. Your passion has been leaving clues for a long time, it takes courage to notice what those clues are and then act on what you discover.

If you could go back in time, what advice would you give to your 18 year old self?

I'd tell my younger self would to choose the people you're spending time with wisely. Life is too short to spend time with people that bring you down or are negative. Choose the people that add something, and be the person to also add something amazing back.

Workspace essentials - Herbal tea (my new favourite one is cinnamon) and coloured pens.

Top 3 books (the ones you would like to gift someone) - 1. Chimp Paradox by Prof Steve Peteres, 2. Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari, 3. Shantaram by Gregory David Roberst

Happy place - At home on the balcony :)

Guilty pleasure - Booja Booja Chocolate

Fun fact about you - I'm a rock climber and a kite surfer

If you could go for a coffee/tea and a long chat with someone (living or dead), who would it be and why?  - I know I've mentioned him before, but I'd love to spend a bit of time talking to Tony Robbins. I love his books and programmes and I owe so much of my success to the information he has shared with the world.

“P.S. Celest has a YouTube channel where she shares lots of helpful tips and awesome lifestyle & wellbeing finds. Be sure to check it out :)”

Thank you so much for reading and a big thank you to Celest for sharing her story with us! 

With Much Love, 
The Inspired Stories team


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