Our Story

the power of stories you tell yourself

The stories you tell yourself create your reality - what you believe yourself to be, your potential and the ability to achieve everything you set your mind to. You will find evidence to whatever story you choose to tell yourself, so you might as well choose an inspired story that encourages you to believe in a life filled with love, joy and meaning.

You're the author of your own life, so create a wonderful story that is inspired by your own actions and your accomplishments - celebrating the person you are becoming. Use the power of your thoughts and words you tell yourself to change your attitude, habits and the quality of each day. Mix your beliefs about yourself with action and be ready to welcome a positive change.

the visionary. the balance-keeper. the adventurer.

The original idea of our weekly Dear Diary planner came after experiencing a lack of balance in our professional & personal lives. Feeling stuck, overwhelmed and not really sure of the journey and vision ahead - the three of us came together to create a framework that would help us bring more clarity, balance and joy into our lives. Our goal was the same - to live a life that we love and fully enjoy every day.

We started to explore different topics on self-development, well-being, happiness and productivity. During this process we learnt that creating a clear vision, mastering daily habits and being aware of the stories we tell ourselves play an essential role in living a balanced and fulfilled life. Ever since, we've been striving to incorporate that knowledge and research into beautiful, practical and easy-to-use lifestyle products that help you become more aware, empowered and excited about the journey ahead.

We like to think that all of us have a visionary, a balance-keeper and an adventurer within us. Having a clear visionallows you break down your goals and become aware of the things you want to experience and the person you want to become. It helps you stay inspired and motivated to take action daily. It's also essential to keep a goodbalancein different areas of your life because a well balanced life contributes to your overall health and wellbeing. And last, but not least - we should never neglect the child within us. Always make time for play and adventures- be sure to enjoy every day, no matter what you are doing, and make beautiful memories along the way.

We truly enjoy the journey of growing and challenging ourselves to learn and become more mindful. Our hope is that the products we create help you become more aware of yourself & your goals, and we also want to encourage you to reflect and focus on things that truly matter, and lead a fulfilled life.

our purpose

We are evolving as individuals and The Inspired Stories is growing along with us as a brand. That's why it's so important for us to keep creating content that supports and encourages growth, self-awareness and the journey of becoming your best self.

Our goal is to inspire you to take full responsibility of the quality of your everyday, raise awareness of your thought patterns and the stories you create about yourself and your life. Live each day with intention and purpose, follow your vision, include positive habits in your daily routine, find time for fun and play - discover the visionary, the balance-keeper, and the adventurer within you.

You have the power in your hands. We want to help you access that potential within you to make a positive change - realise that you are your own inspiration and you have the ability to write your own inspired story.

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